The primary goal of Open Popular University is to bring open courses, educational resources, learning tools for self-learning. The population aimed at includes any one who is interested in self-learning. One of of the characteristics of Open Popular university is that it brings to the world courses from the most respected universities around the world at the graduate and undergraduate level in the fields of Engineering, Math, Science, Education, Human Sciences, etc. In these fields Open Popular University would like to develop a curriculum that anyone can follow. Realizing that human support is important in learning Open Popular University will make available learning mentors/consultants and study groups for those interested. Open Popular University will also bring resources for high school students. Open Popular University will explore other modes of delivery to make knowledge accessible: face-to-face seminars, radio and television, audio and video CDs,etc. Open Popular University doesn't restrict itself to the dissemination of knowledge but is interested in the use of human knowledge for the transformation of the world. For this purpose Open Popular University has already set up a site Center For Human and Social Development where resources are specifically developed for for human and social development. Besides its daily magazine Open Education Daily Open Poular University will feature on the site its own daily magazines: Human Rights Daily, Natural Disasters Daily, Alterzine Magazine Daily and Alterzine Daily.

For support, collaboration, communication click on the contact link above. Your support, collaboration and donations will help this site running. Open Popular University is looking for professionals in fundraising, web development and design, educational technology, curriculum development, instructional design, educational and social enterprise, search engine optimization and web analytics, social media marketing and public relations to set an advisory board. Open Popular University will need a specialist in each of its structures: web development and design, instructional design, social media marketing, offline and online advertising, public relations. It will need funds for paid staff, a physical location and materials to fulfill its mission to help learners, self-learners and educators worldwide. The ambition is to bring the world open courses and educational resources in this site and demystify the fact that knowledge is the privilege of a few and can only be obtained in formal institutions.